2007: Best Film Year Ever?

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Lists
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Call it, friend-o.

If anyone ever asks you what the best year of film was, tell them it was 2007.
If they try to argue with you, show them this graphic to confirm that you’re right and they’re not.
If they still don’t agree, cease all contact with them because their opinions are stupid and wrong.
(Said in a Jack Handey-type voice not unlike this quote)

Seriously though, 2007 was thee best year of film in my lifetime, maybe ever.
Despite the most sequel-laden summer of all time (including a ton of underwhelming-at-best third installments of franchises like Spider-Man, Rush Hour, Resident Evil, Ocean’s, Shrek, and Pirates), that year had so many outstanding movies—independent, foreign, comedy, you name it—it’s not even close.


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