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Listening: First Aid Kit — “The Lion’s Roar”
Watching: Arrow, Episode 2.7: “State V. Queen”

Around this time of year I usually lay the ground work for some ‘best of’ lists. While looking through the boatload of 2013 releases, it dawned on me just how solid this year has turned out to be. Yeah, most of the big tentpole pictures this summer were bloated letdowns, but wow, 2013 produced an incredible crop of independent films.

On the topic, David Ehrlich dropped a new edit this week showcasing his favorite films from this year. Check it out:

He created similar movie montages for 2011 and 2012 that are also worth a look.

To make my point, check out this sampling of 2013’s offerings:

Before Midnight | Gravity | 12 Years a Slave | Elysium
The Place Beyond the Pines | Mud | The Spectacular Now
Blue Jasmine | Only God Forgives | The Way, Way Back
The Wolf of Wall Street | The World’s End | All Is Lost
Maniac | Fruitvale Station | The Great Gatsby | Blackfish
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire | Thor: The Dark World
Stoker | Anchorman: The Legend Continues | You’re Next
Out of the Furnace | Ender’s Game | A Field in England
Nebraska | V/H/S 2 | Kill Your Darlings | The Counselor
This is the End | Star Trek Into Darkness | The Bling Ring
American Hustle | The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Dallas Buyers Club | Sound City | The Kings of Summer
I Declare War | Upstream Color | Sightseers | Pacific Rim
Ain’t Them Bodies Saints | Iron Man 3 | Drinking Buddies
Man of Steel | Short Term 12 | Saving Mr. Banks | Mama
Don Jon | Inside Llewyn Davis | Much Ado About Nothing
20 Feet from Stardom | The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Rush | Side Effects | Room 237 | Lee Daniel’s The Butler
Frozen | Captain Phillips | Oz: The Great and Powerful
The Conjuring | Now You See Me | Evil Dead | Prisoners

And that’s not all of ’em! I’m not saying I love everything listed above (I haven’t seen several of them, and some haven’t even made it to theaters yet), but taken on the whole, 2013 is looking pretty darn good. I look forward to ranking my favorites over the coming weeks.

What about you? What are your frontrunners for favorite/best film of 2013?

  1. Agreed. Especially in Indie and Genre Cinema.

  2. This also doesn’t include one of my (spoilers) top 5 for the year — Blue Ruin.

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