The ORANGE ROOM Broadcast: Episode 1

Posted: February 4, 2014 in Film, Podcast, Rants
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Today’s Distractions
Listening: Kavinsky, The Weeknd — “Odd Look”
Watching: Community, Episode 5.6: “Analysis of Cork-based Networking”

Last week I recorded the first installment of my new show, The ORANGE ROOM Broadcast, with my pal and fellow C.A.E. Network host, RADIO ULNA’s Antonius Block. We ran the gamut of topics, rapping about everything from craft beer to kung fu movies to hipsters. The conversation also veered to pro wrestling a couple times because of course it did (it’s like my own Godwin’s Law).

If you’re down with any or all of that stuff, give it a listen. And if you know your obscure character actors, you may want to play a drinking game to this one, which features name drops like Tom Noonan, Keith David, and Sammo Hung. The pilot episode’s available to stream or download here:

The ORANGE ROOM Broadcast #1 – “There’s Beauty in the Breakdown”



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