I had kept my giddy enthusiasm for this one pretty quiet, but I don’t have to any longer.


Sweet Nova Prime, that movie was a blast! From the very first beat of the very first trailer it felt like GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY had tapped into something special, a just-right blend of comedy and action, heartfelt and fun, all to the tune of a funky ’60s pop song.

This team and its members were not well known to the masses like most of The Avengers’ roster, but with James Gunn at the helm, Marvel Studios’ increasingly-impressive track record, and their bangup job marketing the movie and characters, they had me convinced from the get-go. I always thought that in the right hands, GUARDIANS could be a Stars Wars-like franchise for the House of Ideas, and it proved to be the case with a near-$100 million opening weekend. **

Space-set action/adventure films were run into the ground in the wake of the original Star Wars trilogy, but here’s hoping this sparks a comeback. A spiritual successor to not only STAR WARS and THE ICE PIRATES, but KELLY’S HEROES and THE DIRTY DOZEN, GUARDIANS takes the ragtag band of misfits story and turns it up to 11. It has the playful, adventurous nature of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and FLASH GORDON, and fully embraces the weird other-worldliness of the material à la THE FIFTH ELEMENT and HELLBOY II.

I’m happy as hell for James Gunn, who’s come a long way from making Troma movies under Lloyd Kaufman. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is far from a perfect film, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s exciting. It’s funny. It’s rewatchable. It was also a huge risk, one that’s paying off big. The movie’s positive box office and reception from fans and critics alike will hopefully lead Marvel and the Mouse to take more chances, take bigger risks. I can’t wait.


** On that note: Marvel just launched their fifth franchise in eight years! No matter what you think of the films, or what your level of superhero movie fatigue is, there is no denying that it is an incredible feat. Their success, ambition, and inspired casting and director choices continues to amaze.

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