About Me

Let’s talk about me! Not to be confused with that crappy Toby Keith song “I Wanna Talk About Me” (crappy Toby Keith song is a bit redundant, no?), but the man in question. Who is Shawn Talley? Well…

The short of it
I’m a cinephile, videophile, melophile, sci-fi fan, comic book geek, waning sports fan, and pro wrestling apologist who likes to write, travel, and hang with my lady, son, and miniature dachshund—Alisha, Keaton, and Ramona Bean, respectively. I don’t play any candy crushing games or use emojis. I love the scratching sound of a record needle hitting vinyl. I hate willful ignorance. I think The Replacements might be the most underrated band of all time. I often wonder what happened to the once-great director Michael Mann. I rock the mic like a vandal.


The long, and I do mean long, of it
One of the last dribbles of Generation X, I’m a child of the 80s who enjoys waxing analytical about the most trivial things, like zombie apocalypse scenarios, the logistics of superheroes’ sex lives, and which is the better sci-fi skate shoes movie, PRAYER OF THE ROLLERBOYS or SOLARBABIES?

Yep, as you’ve deduced by now, I’m a huge geek. Credit to my late cousin, Dean, who walked me up the block from my grandmother’s house to spend the first allowance money I ever earned at the Brandon Comic Shoppe (now Read More Comics). I was about 6 or 7 years old, and there was no turning back. I devoured Batman, The New Teen Titans, Daredevil, and The X-Men, but also discovered pulpy fare like Marvel’s The Savage Sword of Conan, which led me to the source novels, and opened the floodgates to a world of fantasy, science fiction, and horror books, magazines, art, and movies.

Growing up, my parents didn’t restrict me much from R-rated stuff. Yeah, maybe I saw RE-ANIMATOR and FRIDAY THE 13TH a few years before I should have, but I turned out okay. Point is, I was seduced by the magic of the movies pretty much from the get-go. A cinephile to the nth degree, I’m incredibly passionate about film and filmmaking. I’m a film school graduate who’s worked off and on in the industry, and fancy myself a screenwriter above all; though, I won’t dare call myself such until something I’ve written is actually sold for cash money.

I try not to brag too much, yet will eagerly admit to retaining a Rainman-like knowledge of pop culture and sports. So much so that I am not allowed a teammate when participating in most trivia/board games. My short-term memory, however, is about as sound as Leonard Shelby’s. I am somewhat of a grammar Nazi, which is one of several reasons why I can’t stand a large majority of [c]rap and country music. Just about anything that falls under the spectrum of rock and/or roll, though—from 90s alternative to dance-punk to folk rock—I can stomach.

My vernacular consists primarily of movie quotes, song lyrics, and citing references so obscure, they’re harder to decipher than Abe Vigoda reading Irving Welsh passages in a Ludwieg tube. I enjoy engaging in long, heated conversations about politics, religion, history, you name it. You’re always told not to talk about the former two, but I’ve realized the folks who seem to say that are the same ones who sport their ideologies and party affiliations on the back of their pickup trucks, and these days, all over social media. So, apologies ahead of time if some left-leaning, atheistic smack occasionally slips onto this blog.

About said web log: it’s more-less an outlet for this overly-opinionated fanboy to spew some venom about show biz, review the occasional film or TV show, rant about life, the universe and everything, and post geeky ‘Top 5’ lists that would make Rob Fleming rub one out. This site does contain some harsh language, and an even harsher sense of propriety, but I think you’ll learn to love me. Also, yours truly: a wee bit wordy. As the above proves, brevity’s never been my strong suit, so thanks for taking the time.

  1. alexcotton says:

    Miss you man! When is the big day? You said we may or may not be receiving an invite for a day that may or may not involve you and ales… well we haven’t and I’m curious.

  2. Andrew McGlynn says:

    That was most entertaining. I enjoyed reading it. Points for referencing HHGTTG. I have to turn in my geek card because I’ve never heard of Prayer of the Rollerboys. I grew up on 80s movies too and somehow never heard of a Cory Haim movie!

    • Shawn Talley says:

      Thank you, man. I’m glad you liked it.
      Don’t sweat it; there are worse things than missing a Corey Haim flick or two. That said, you probably should check out ‘Rollerboys.’ Why, you ask? ‘Cause the deceased Corey plays a pizza boy taking on rollerblading white supremacists, and the once-hot Patricia Arquette’s in it, too!

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